Challenge Accepted: Lunch in 60 minutes or less!

It’s one of those rare Oklahoma days when the wind is not blowing and it’s not too hot or too cold. Obviously, you have to take advantage of this and go out to lunch. But where to go? You’re tired of the same place within walking distance. If you drive, by the time you walk to your car, drive to your destination and find parking, nearly 30 minutes have passed and you can’t be late for your 1 p.m. meeting!

Why not give the streetcar a try over the lunch hour? EMBARK has implemented advanced technologies to speed up service for riders since launching in December. By giving the streetcar traffic signal priority (TSP) at intersections, the streetcar stops less. Translation: in the middle of the day, streetcars typically arrive at platforms every 11 minutes! With a typical streetcar ride only lasting approximately 10 minutes, that leaves plenty of time to take a well-deserved lunch break to check out the many incredible dining options our downtown districts have to offer. 

The streetcar is a breeze to use for lunch! Check out this sample trip for lunch from Bricktown to Automobile Alley. 

Hop on the streetcar at any of these platforms:

  • Santa Fe Hub – 5 E. Reno Ave.
  • Ballpark – 201 Johnny Bench Dr.
  • East Bricktown – 21 S Joe Carter Ave.

Automobile Alley is your best bet to keep lunch at one hour. The Broadway Avenue and Automobile Alley platforms are short walks away from several tasty spots, including Cultivar, Yuzo Sushi Tapas, Hideaway Pizza, Iguana Mexican Grill and more. A full list of Automobile Alley dining options is available here. Once finished, head back to the Broadway Avenue or Automobile Alley platforms to get back to the office.  Don’t forget, a short walk west towards Robinson where the streetcar is headed south can cut your trip time down even more.

Bonus Tip

To maximize your time, use the Estimated Arrival Times tool under the Ride Guide section of this website. Before leaving for lunch, click on the name of the platform where you’ll be hopping onboard. You’ll see the estimated arrival times for the next three streetcars. Use this tool to plan when to leave, and same goes for your return trip; check the ETA at your nearest platform stop to make sure you get back to the office on time!  

The OKC Streetcar was designed to give residents and visitors a more convenient way to move around. Now that you’re armed with information on how to use the streetcar over lunch, accept the challenge! Hop on board and let the streetcar take you to one of the fantastic eateries nearby.