Love the Loops: Hall’s Pizza Kitchen

Located steps from the Streetcar’s Midtown platform at NW 10th and Hudson, Hall’s Pizza Kitchen combines love for pizza and people to create a “Saturday Night family dinner” vibe every day.

According to owner, Molly Hall, Saturday nights at the Hall house were for family time and homemade pizzas. In 2013, they shared that tradition with all of Oklahoma City when they opened their Hall’s Pizza food truck. Since then, they’ve expanded to their current location and have cemented themselves as one of our city’s favorite places to share a meal and good times with great friends. 

Hall’s motto – “Pizza Forever” – is evident with one look at the menu. With 15 unique pies like “The Smoke,” “Samwise” and “The Rumble,” there’s something for every pizza lover in your party. You can purchase by the slice or order an entire pie, because sharing is caring. 

Hall’s offers an open-concept dining room, with a pizza and bakery counter near the front door and a wood-fired oven always firing. Head upstairs to enjoy the extensive outdoor patio known as The Rooftop, featuring gorgeous views of downtown Oklahoma City. 

Focusing on fresh ingredients and a little love in every slice, Hall’s is dedicated to offering options you won’t find anywhere else in town. The “Sunday Lunch” will take you back to grandma’s house with smoked brisket, roasted potato, charred onions and jalapenos and a garlic cream reduction with whole milk mozzarella and parmigiano reggiano.

Hall’s Pizza Kitchen is open Monday through Saturday (Sundays are closed for family, church, naps and outdoor adventures) and available for private events like birthdays, wedding rehearsals or any other excuse you need to celebrate. Take a ride on the OKC Streetcar and hop off at the Midtown platform, just a block north from Hall’s.

The OKC Streetcar is a proud community partner, transporting visitors and residents to the best that Oklahoma City has to offer, like Hall’s Pizza Kitchen in Midtown.

EMBARK and OKC Streetcar have partnered with our downtown neighbors to form the Love the Loops program, promoting neighborhoods and districts within the OKC Streetcar route. Through the free partnership, OKC Streetcar and its partners educate residents and visitors about local businesses and move the city forward together by developing loyal customers.