Mouth-watering surprises at Bricktown’s The Melting Pot

In Oklahoma City, we know a thing or two about revivals. From the restoration of sleepy neighborhoods to bustling city centers, we’ve witnessed an urban renaissance unmatched by any other Midwestern metropolis. Even the OKC Streetcar, a staple in Oklahoma City in the early 20th century, yet dormant for more than seven decades, has been restored through this urban revitalization. When you pass under the Bricktown bridge on Sheridan Avenue, you experience OKC’s renaissance in motion.  

Just beyond the bridge, you’ll discover The Melting Pot, a chic spot that offers elegantly-appointed aesthetics, friendly staff and quality time with your loved ones around a freshly-prepared meal. But this upscale eatery would not be the hot spot it is today without a series of cultural and culinary revivals.

Soon after the Land Run of 1889, Oklahoma City’s original crossroads of commerce ran through the middle of Bricktown. But as the Great Depression took its vicious hold in the 1930s, businesses began shutting their doors, leaving the area across the tracks from downtown all but vacant for nearly 60 years. Enter a few strong civic visionaries in the late 1980s and Bricktown thrives once again today, its multi-story warehouses serving as hubs for retail, dining, and entertainment.

The Melting Pot is located in the historic Great Western Stove Company building and constructed in 1911. After 93 years of hosting various tenants, the building took in its first and only restaurant. In 2004, The Melting Pot opened its doors and has served as a cornerstone of fine dining in Bricktown ever since.

Perfect for a couple’s date night or hosting larger groups, The Melting Pot offers a variety of premium savory and sweet fondue options, prepared with fresh ingredients made-to-order at your table. If you’re looking for a local favorite, take a dip into “The Best of Oklahoma City,” a four-course culinary adventure. 

Highlighting a few local favorites, this dish offers an unforgettable dining experience. You’ll enjoy a garlic and herb quartet cheese fondue appetizer, salad with fresh toppings and the main course variety of premium meats before finishing with a cookie butter crunch chocolate fondue dessert. 

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply searching for a unique dining experience, consider an evening enjoying the revival of Oklahoma City’s cultural and culinary scenes. Parking won’t be an issue when you allow the OKC Streetcar to be your chauffeur. Hop on the Downtown or Bricktown loop at any of our 22 stops and enjoy a smooth ride to the Bricktown platform, right in front of The Melting Pot. If you’re looking for a lovely stroll through the neighborhood before your meal, take advantage of any of the other platforms Bricktown (Mickey Mantle, East Bricktown, Ballpark or Santa Fe Hub).

The OKC Streetcar is a proud community partner, transporting visitors and residents to the best that Oklahoma City has to offer, including The Melting Pot in Bricktown. Reserve a table and plan your trip today for this fashionable dining experience.

EMBARK and OKC Streetcar have partnered with our downtown neighbors to form the Love the Loops program, promoting neighborhoods and districts within the OKC Streetcar route. Through the free partnership, OKC Streetcar and its partners educate residents and visitors about local businesses and move the city forward together by developing loyal customers.