From the Platforms to the Pavement

OK(ay) Runner(s), listen up. 

Oklahoma City is continually growing- there are more local parks, restaurants and public transportation options than ever before. The more residents who choose active transportation – walking, cycling and taking public transit – the greater push for more accessible communities that will shape the place we call home. 

One business in particular, OK Runner, is an active participant in shaping the local community- one mile at a time. This local shoe and apparel store has knowledgeable, experienced staff members ready to help you find the perfect shoe or apparel to fit your needs. Whether you’re new to putting those tennis shoes to the pavement, or you’re an experienced marathoner, they offer a wide variety of items for all your fitness needs- at any level. They even go the extra mile with their customer service, taking into account your goals, training, and past experience in order to keep you happy and healthy as your miles stack up. 

Believe it or not, OKC Streetcar and OK Runner share something special in common: a mutual love of community. Whether you’re a fan of making loops with your fellow runners on the pavement, or exploring the city via the Downtown or Bricktown streetcar loops, they’re both great ways to get out and discover all OKC has to offer. 

In addition to exploring our community, OK Runner is also passionate about building community, hosting group runs every Thursday to encourage locals to get active in a welcoming environment. And as an added bonus, they’re free! Join a group of like-minded athletes for an after-work 5k and a free brew. You could even take the streetcar from your office right to the starting line of the group run or to the store during your lunch break to grab some new apparel.

OK Runner is located in the heart of Automobile Alley at 708 N Broadway Ave. Hop off the streetcar at our convenient Automobile Alley Platform at 826 N. Broadway Ave. or our Broadway Ave. Platform at 510 N. Broadway Ave. 

 We hope to see you soon on the OKC Streetcar, and on the sidewalk. 

 EMBARK and OKC Streetcar have partnered with our downtown neighbors to form the Love the Loops program, promoting neighborhoods and districts within the OKC Streetcar route. Through the free partnership, OKC Streetcar and its partners educate residents and visitors about local businesses and move the city forward together by developing loyal customers.