Shop Good: Threading OKC together

Positioned in the heart of Automobile Alley, you’ll find two business owners whose love for Oklahoma City is tough to match. Audrey and Justin Falk opened Shop Good in 2009. The tee-shirt makers’ journey started with a passion for building community, both globally and right here in OKC. Their first shirt was a “Free Tibet” design, sold to family and friends initially, which from there expanded into Shop Good as it’s known today, a local business on a mission to create a better world by encouraging the people of Oklahoma City to live generously and shop sustainably. 

The owners’ drive for connection is a love they share with the OKC Streetcar. The streetcar exists to connect residents and visitors to the neighborhoods and businesses of Oklahoma City’s urban core, and in doing so, to support human flourishing. Meanwhile, Shop Good further upholds this mission by partnering with 10 local charities, and through its 5% give-back program.

Shop Good is easy conveniently accessed from the OKC Streetcar. It’s just one block north of the Automobile Alley platform at 826 N Broadway Ave. Stop by and browse through their eclectic assortment of original tee-shirts, sweatshirts, jogging pants, children’s attire and more. Shop Good is your spot for one-of-a-kind Oklahoma City Thunder gear and custom Oklahoma apparel. 

The shop’s current location is a restored 1920s home whose residents no doubt heard the bells of the original streetcar that operated in Oklahoma City from 1903 to 1947. The original streetcar ran right in front of what is now Shop Good on Broadway Avenue.

Automobile Alley has evolved into hot spot for dining, entertainment and shopping in Oklahoma City with dozens of local establishments to visit. After checking out Shop Good, walk or bike using a Spokies Classic bike to one of the several other shops in the district, including OK Runner, OKCollective Candle Co., Sara Kate Studios and more.  

When you’re ready to head back to your vehicle, Automobile Alley has three streetcar platforms: 

Hop on board the streetcar today to experience one of the newest and easiest ways to navigate the downtown area, and get to know the business owners, like the Falks, that help our city prosper and move forward together. 

EMBARK and OKC Streetcar have partnered with our downtown neighbors to form the Love the Loops program, promoting neighborhoods and districts within the OKC Streetcar route. Through the free partnership, OKC Streetcar and its partners educate residents and visitors about local businesses and move the city forward together by developing loyal customers.