Boarding & Riding


Before you head out, know where you’re going. All rides start and end on a streetcar platform. When you arrive on a platform, check the kiosk screen to learn the next arrival time or if there are any service interruptions. Now’s a good time to get your fare ready. Buy fares on your mobile phone or at a ticket vending machine on the platform – coins, small bills, and credit/debit cards are accepted. Use exact change – no change is issued.


With level boarding, it’s easy getting on a streetcar. All streetcars and platforms are ADA accessible. When the streetcar comes to a complete stop, please allow for departing riders to exit the streetcar, then board. If no one is exiting, press the yellow door button to open the doors. Grab a seat or hold on to a handrail or strap. Don’t forget, leave priority seating for those who need it. And, of course, never block the doors.


Once you’re on your way, check your phone, listen to your headphones, or chat with people you see every day, but stay aware of what stops you’re approaching. We’ll help with onboard stop announcements. If you need off, simply press a blue stop button or the yellow door button to request the next stop.


As you approach your destination, wait for the streetcar to come to a complete stop. Grab your things and head out. Push the yellow door button to open the doors, then exit. After you exit the platform, remember to look before you cross and always use crosswalks.


All OKC Streetcars and platforms meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, offering low floors for level boarding at its 22 stops, as well as other features to accommodate customers with disabilities.

Senior adults and people with disabilities readily use EMBARK to get around. Travel training is available, and we offer special services for those who can’t use regular transit service.

EMBARK Plus Paratransit provides lift-equipped public transportation to eligible individuals within the Oklahoma City limits who are not functionally able to ride our fixed-route bus or streetcar service due to a disabling condition. Learn more about how to qualify.