See Something, Say Something

Whether you’re following your regular commute route or on your way to a movie or meet up with friends, public transit is a key part of your day. You know public transit, and no one can spot something suspicious or out of place better than you.

You are the first line of defense against acts of crime and terrorism on our country – and we need your help.


Describing Something Suspicious

Once you see something, how do you say something? Below are helpful hints on how to report it – it could save your life.

Tell the authorities who, when and where you saw something, and specifically what you saw. Be sure to note the number of the bus or ferry, or bus stop ID. Explain why you thought there was cause for suspicion.

Who to Tell

If there are transit personnel nearby, tell them. Don’t be afraid to report something, even if you aren’t sure it was serious.

Tell a police officer, or, if you’re on a bus or at the Transit Center, tell a security officer, or any transit employee.

For imminent threats, call 911.

How We Help Ensure Your Personal Safety

EMBARK’s team of transit safety and security personnel are continuously working to improve security through partnerships, technology and training.

In addition, contracted security personnel, EMBARK operators, supervisors, customer service staff and maintenance workers also provide a presence throughout the system. They serve as visible deterrents to crime and are trained to identify and respond to security concerns.

All incidents on the EMBARK system are coordinated through the regional 9-1-1 system, allowing the closest available unit to serve as the first responders.

Fare Inspection

Bus operators are trained to randomly check for valid fare payment upon boarding. Transit personnel are authorized to issue warnings and exclusions for riders without a valid fare. Riders without a valid fare may be fined, excluded and/or may be arrested for trespassing.

Rules and Penalties

EMBARK’s rules for riding are available on all buses and facilities. EMBARK’s Rider Conduct and Exclusion policy includes penalties for fare evasion and disruptive behavior on the system. Based on the circumstance, riders could be immediately excluded from the system for up to a year.